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Genki4Koi Natural Food ® was developed by Koi Garden South Tyrol  in close cooperation with German veterinarians for koi,  professional koi keepers and food engineers according to the latest scientific findings of species-appropriate diet for koi.
In addition, the food was prepared according to the strict guidelines on the production of organic food in accordance with regulations (EC) No 834/2007 and (EC) No 889/2008.

Also with the standards of EN-ECO-007 good quality seal and the German organic label for Genki4Koi Natural Food® an important landmark was created in the Koi food market.
Cultivation, processing and production of genetically-free raw materials are meticulously documented and regularly checked as part of the EU monitoring process through government institutions.
Almost all agricultural commodities in Genki4Koi Natural Food® bear the name "Demeter Felderzeugnisse". Demeter is the brand name for products from organic dynamic farming. Only strictly controlled trade partners may use "Demeter Felderzeugnisse". Our company is monitored and periodically controlled by an inspector of the state-approved inspection body ABCERT from Germany, with a branch office in South Tyrol. Documentation and the organic compliance of our business are ascertained on site. Our manufacturer, one of the most prestigious and innovative production facilities in Germany, is contractually tested and controlled by the testing association "Verarbeitung ökologischer Landbauprodukte" DE-ECO 007 in Karlsruhe, Germany. Only in this way can our customers be sure of the quality they purchase. Transparency builds trust and following this motto we want to offer you the first ORGANIC Koi food on the market in premium quality.

Latest organic certification:

Mail order business  and online trading have a own  EU organic regulation for  pet food. The differently regulated is depending on the country. As for example in UK they don´t have  control provided for mail order and online business of organic pet food, so is  in Germany and Italy provided a control point for the organic certification. Excluded are the retail sector, which is subject to no regulation of organic control body in the whole EU. That mean every country has his own regulations for this purpose. We as  company  and wholesale point for  pet food  have us definitely let certified organic, because we find this is an additional appreciation of our company since it is doable without great effort.