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Genki4Fish Natural Food Color&Power Growing Bits

After several inquiries from customers and Koi dealer we bring in 2015 now a new food to the market in which the composition of the already popular Color & Power was derived. The content of crude protein was increased from 40% to 45%, the pellet size is 2 mm, the lining is slowly sinking.

This has now several advantages: firstly, so that you can employ when feeding Koi longer because they eat longer around. Thus, the shape of the fish and the natural feeding behavior improved is encouraged. Such practices are often used in Koi which need to be prepared for big shows or exhibitions.
Secondly, the food can be offered with unique bio components for sturgeon, goldfish and all kinds of ornamental fish for sale.

Feeding recommendation:
Feed fish several times a day with small quantities of Genki4Fish Natural Food ® Color & Growing Bits at a water temperature of 8°C or more. Only give the fish what they can consume within 4- 5 minutes!

40% fish meal from fine fish** 55% the marked agricultural raw materials in these product are coming from strictly controlled producers (wheat*, soya expeller*, spirulina algae, paprika*, carrots*, thyme*, rosemary*, parsley*, garlic*) **sustainable fish stocks, * raw materials from strictly controlled producers
Ingredient analysis:
Crude protein 45%, crude fat 8,0%, crude fiber 3,0%, crude ash 10,5%, Phosphorus 1,4% Additives: Vitamins / kg: Vitamin A (E672) 18000 I.E., Vitamin D3(E 671) 1500 I.E., Vitamin E (all rac-alpha- Tocopherylacetat 3a700) 150 mg, Vitamin C (Ascorbylmonophosphate-Calcium-Sodium-Salt) 200mg


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