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Genki4Koi Natural Food® - High-quality organic koi feeding stuff !

GENKI in Japan means energy, power, vitality and health.
Our aim was to develop a koi feeding stuff that stands for Genki and its deeper meaning. Our highest priorities were fair and sustainable processing and farming methods. Awarded the German Bio Quality Seal and the DE-ÖKO-007 control quality seal, this feeding stuff creates a basis of confidence that goes far beyond the relevant quality level.
The avoidance of synthetic fertilisers and plant protection agents and of medical substances in the vitally necessary fish meals used are a condition and an aim of this commitment. The use of local raw materials and production in Germany avoids long transportation routes and storage times and thus helps protect the environment.

Genki4Koi Natural Food® is so conceived that the four varieties, Genki4Koi Natural Food® Immune Plus, Color & Power, Bio Strong and Bio Sinking between them meet the nutritional needs of koi all year round.

We do not just claim to use organic products: we use 100% raw materials from organic agriculture!