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Genki4Koi Natural Food® Koi feeding stuff made from high-quality organic ingredients

Organic quality feeding stuffs for pets has been available for quite some time now, for good reasons and with great success. Cats and dogs fed on organic foods have for example been shown to suffer from considerably fewer allergies and enjoy better health and vitality.
More and more people too are choosing healthy nutrition and increasingly selecting food from ecologically controlled cultivation. This is no surprise, because the farming, production and processing of organic products are all subject to very strict controls. Everything that could be harmful is avoided or forbidden.

And what about our koi ?

Proteins, carbohydrates and fats are the most important parameters for nutrition. The proportional relationship alone seems to be decisive. But few bother to analyse where the individual components come from.
There is an alternative. Finally there is an organic feeding stuff for koi that only uses elements farmed using strictly controlled ecological cultivation techniques and raw materials from unspoilt nature – Genki4Koi Natural Food®. No preservatives, pesticides or chemical storage protection are used. Genki4Koi Natural Food® is also free from artificial flavouring, colours and scents or any medical residues. The high-quality organically farmed raw materials and fish meal from sustainable fine fish stocks ensure brilliant colour, high digestibility and promote the health and vitality of your koi.

The feeding stuff was developed in close co-operation with specialist koi veterinarians, professional koi keepers and animal feedstuff technicians used the latest scientific discoveries to produce species-adapted nutrition for koi.

Genki4Koi Natural Food® are available in four variants: Immune Plus, Color & Power, Bio Strong and Bio Sinking.

Color & Power has a protein content of 40% and should only be used at water temperatures of 14 degrees and above.

Immune Plus has a protein content of 33% and a fat content of 6% and can thus be used as a complete all-year-round feeding stuff.

Bio Strong and Bio Sinking have a protein content of 26% and a fat content of 6% and can thus be used as a complete all-year-round supplementary feeding stuff.
Also excellent when used in combination with Immune Plus and Color & Power.

The high proportion of grain in the feeding stuff cleanses the intestines and has a probiotic effect. Recommended for example following antibiotic treatments where the gut flora has been weakened. Bio Sinking is suitably for koi that do not surface or as a winter feeding stuff, since it sinks and thus preserves the energy balance of the koi. Feed your koi authentic nature.

It will not only promote their health, it will also help preserve our environment!

Genki4Koi Natural Food® - because you value your koi !