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Koi feeding stuff with Bio Quality Seal - an absolute first of its kind !!

Genki4Koi Natural Food® is the first Premium Koi feeding stuff to be awarded the German Bio Quality Seal.
Ingredients list of the 100% raw materials from organic agriculture. As well as using high-quality organic raw materials and ensuring the sustainable catching of fine fish, Genki4Koi Natural Food® was also developed for strengthening the immune system of your koi.
Garlic and light yams strengthen probiotic cultures that thus develop in the intestines of the koi. A balanced amino acid profile from first-class fish meal and high-quality selected vegetable protein sources make the feeding stuff very digestible, with maximum taste for minimum water intake.

Koi love garlic and its antibacterial and probiotic effects have been known for decades.

Fine fish from sustainable stocks

This special fish meal, an indispensable supply of animal protein, is produced from certified fine fish stocks. This has the advantage of ensuring incomparable premium quality for the koi feeding stuff. It also removes any suspicion that cheap, poor-quality fish meals might be used. Genki4Koi Natural Food® has a high proportion of fine fish to underline its quality credentials.

What does sustainable fishing actually mean ?
Sustainable fishing means that the fishing methods used will conserve stocks and not lower the ability to reproduce of the target fish species (no overfishing), preventing damage to the ecological system (e.g. the bottom of the sea) and largely minimising the proportion of the catch that is unwanted.
Sustainable fish products can be sourced from deep-sea fishing, freshwater fishing, angling and aquaculture.

Organic light yams

In certain southern lands the yam root is eaten as a staple food as it contains many important nutrients and is highly satisfying. The yam root is also used for its medicinal properties. The plant also contains starch, fat, proteins, amino acids and vitamins, as well as 31 different trace elements.

Organic spirulina

This algae has been used for years as a food supplement for humans. Spirulina should be present in all feeding stuffs as, apart from its colour strengthening effects, it supplies high-quality protein while containing unsaturated fatty acids and high levels of minerals. Organic spirulina also strengthens the immune system of the koi and supplies the organism with essential, important vitamins.

Organic paprika

Organic paprika naturally strengthens colour and is added as appropriate to ensure that the white of the koi remains gleaming and authentic.


Montmorillonit, better known as alumina, is a well-known product used in Japan as a natural product for fish breeding in clay ponds. Genki4Koi Natural Food® contains betonite-montmorillonite as a binder. Montmorillonite has other positive characteristics: it not only binds pollutants, but also supplies the koi with important minerals and trace elements, improves digestion, increases skin glossiness and improves water clarity.

Organic herbs and veggetables

In order to promote the health of the koi still further, various organic herbs and carrots are added to the feeding stuff. Organic wheat, sweetcorn and rice all aid digestion while organic soya expeller is the most important supplier of vegetable protein in the feeding stuff. The careful production and high organic quality ensure the effectiveness in the intestines of the ballast in the feeding stuff.

A further aim of Genki4Koi Natural Food® is to protect the environment.
Only ingredients that can be fully utilised by the koi are used, ingredients that are necessary for their growth and health. Local raw materials from the finest organic producers are used to avoid long transportation routes and thus ensure the constant freshness of the feeding stuff.

Only the best was good enough for the manufacture of this feeding stuff.

Ensure the requirements of your koi are 100% met all year round with the organic nutrients of Genki4Koi Natural Food®.