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Genki4Koi Natural Bio Pond & Health

This 100% organic natural product embodies everything in one.
A special mixture of millions of augmentable bacteria embedded in water-purifying and useful bedrock flours that serve the bacteria as a source of nutrition and a nesting site.

Additional minerals and vitally important trace elements make this product unique. It not only improves the quality of the water in your pond in relation to its pH-value, nitrite and ammonia, it also caters for a higher oxygen content, reduces algae growth, gives your koi (Japanese carp) a special sheen, facilitates healing of wounds and guards against pathogenic bacteria.

Genki4Koi Natural Bio Pond & Health stimulates digestion and has a probiotic effect on your koi.

  • supplies your koi with food and minerals by way of their skin and gills
- reduces algae growth and improves oxygen content

  • supports filtration performance effectively and reduces bottom sediments
  • boosts the immune system and growth of your koi
- increased reduction of nitrite, ammonia and phosphate

  • facilitates healing of wounds and the health of your fish
- reduces the bacterial load of your water
  • stabilises the pH value of your pond
- neutralises germs

  • regulates the digestive processes
- protects your kois’ mucous membrane

  • 100% organic

How to use it:
Once every 10 days all year round dissolve 15 grammes of the product in a bucket of water (enough to treat a pond of 1000 litres) and distribute it evenly over the pond and filter.
You can do it once a week with new ponds in order to speed up the composition of the biology. The product can also be strewn directly over the surface of the pond without dissolving it beforehand.

importand: Switch off UVC equipment for 24 hours !

When Genki4Koi Natural Bio Pond & Health is added the water becomes cloudy at first. If the water is stirred, it becomes crystal clear again in 24 hours.
Always make sure your pond is adequately oxygenated.

1kg is sufficient for 66,500 litres

2.5kg is sufficient for 166,500 litres